Annual training sessions

The “Singing Opera, putting knowledge into practice” training is divided into six sessions during the period of a week.


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The course is designed to be taken part in whole. Eight singers are selected every year to participate.


The training sessions take place at École de Musique de Dardilly, a major collaborator with Le Pôle Lyrique d'Excellence. The Acqueduc Centre embraces a Cultural Centre and the École de Musique de Dardilly, belongs to the municipal authorities.


The masterclasses offered from the Pôle lyrique d'excellence (one in each term) are totally separated from the six weeks programme “Singing Opera, putting knowledge into practice”.

Each masterclass (4 days) gives the opportunity to work and prepare competitions, auditions, roles with Cécile De Boever.

The singers are selected with CV.

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The location

Since August 2015,  Pôle lyrique d’excellence has been based in École de Musique de Dardilly as it offers a spacious, warm and friendly environment to work, study and practice. This is the perfect environment in which a student can grow.

Students have access to practice rooms and in addition to this, they also have access to a kitchen and WiFi.

Getting to the École de Musique de Dardilly? Preview the itinerary.